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This series of medical illustrations depicts back surgery, specifically an L4-5 disc herniation with lumbar discectomy (diskectomy) and spinal fusion. The first illustration depicts the pre-operative condition, including disc herniation at L4-5. Other labeled structures in this image include the spinous process, cauda equina, vertebral body and intervertebral disc. The first image of the discectomy and fusion procedures shows the creation of a posterior incision in the middle of the lower back, exposing the L4-5 interspace. The second drawing depicts the removal of the laminae and the herniated disc material from the L4-5 interspace. The third procedural image shows the completion of the laminectomy and placement of fusion hardware. Labeled structures include pedicle screws and rods. The fourth drawing shows the completion of the fusion with the placement of fusion hardware, including titanium rods and an interbody cage. The final image shows the post-operative condition of the lumbar spine, including the location of the fusion hardware and the interbody cage with bone graft.
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